Successful Entrepreneurs Throughout History

There have been many successful business professionals during the course of history. Many have rags to riches stories. All prove that hard work and determination often lead to eventual success.


King Croesus


The monarch ruled Lydia during 6 B.C. He is responsible for minting the first coins. His ingenious invention paved the way for businesses and to experience cash flow. Other ancient cultures soon followed his example.


Pope Sixtus IV


The church leader realized that committing sins could mean more than being cast into hell. He decided to monetize the possible consequence. He began encouraging family members of the deceased to make payments to the church in an effort to reduce the time loved ones spent in purgatory. Sixtus was also responsible for licensing brothels.


Hans Christian Anderson


The popular author grew up poor in Copenhagen. However, he was once told by a fortune teller that one day he would be famous. While in school, he was harassed by classmates and experienced some difficulty with at least one of his teachers. In later years, he tried acting and singing. But, Anderson + Add New Category did not excel at either talent. He turned his attention to writing. Today, his stories remain some of the most well-known fairy tales of all time. Many were borrowed by Disney to create popular animations.


P.T. Barnum


Phineas Taylor Barnum realized there was money to be made from the fascination that people have for seeing the unusual. He developed an array of sideshows that became popular with crowds. He also learned the financial benefit of advertising. His talents led to the development of the Barnum and Baily Circus.


Henry Ford


Before becoming a famous car inventor, Ford earned money and saved for future endeavors by working at the Edison Illuminating Company. Later, Ford changed the transportation industry and influenced the ability to travel distances by introducing the Model T. He also developed the assembly line, which enabled his factory to mass produce automobiles and influence the Industrial Age.


Walt Disney


As a lad growing up on a farm, Disney enjoyed drawing cartoons of horses. Later, he gained employment in an art studio where he created advertisements for magazine and newspaper publications. He turned his attention to animation and began his own company. While working for Universal Pictures, he created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. He left the company due to a loss in wages. He also lost his beloved character, which led him to create Mickey Mouse. Although Disney loved creating animations, he was not satisfied and determined to create a theme park such that the world had never seen. Disneyland opened in California in 1955, which was followed by Disney World. Today, Disney theme parks are also located in Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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