Hustle and Entrepreneurship: What You Need to Know

The word “hustle” is all the rage these days. But what exactly is it? Hustle is the most common attribute of successful entrepreneurs. It is tenacity, endurance, grit, passion, and discipline wrapped up in the pretty package of one human being. Hustle is all about getting things done in an efficient manner- no matter the cost. The hustler is always out on the front lines making connections, leading teams, and out-working everyone else. Follow these tips to invite more of the hustle into your life.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Accomplishments

We all know that being humble is key, but if you are too modest you will never be able to promote yourself or your business in the way you need to in order to get ahead. You don’t need to be cocky, you just need to have enough confidence in yourself to put what you’re doing out there so people can see it. Otherwise, it will never go anywhere.


  1. Don’t Sweat Rejection, Learn From It

Of course, getting rejected can feel awful. However, it’s not so bad when you appreciate the fact that you’re putting yourself out there (which many people have a hard time doing in the first place) and you are getting quality feedback on things that you may need to change. Keep putting yourself out there and at some point, someone is going to appreciate your idea and scoop you up! Remember that just because you get rejected does not mean that you have a bad idea.


  1. Exercise Your Nay-Saying Abilities

As an entrepreneur, opportunities are going to come your way. It is important that you speak up and say no when you need to. If the opportunity presented is not right for you, don’t take it! Holding yourself to a higher-standard is only going to create more of a demand for your work and land you more quality gigs.


  1. Celebrate Your Small Wins

When you hustle, you’re bound to take some losses. Lessen the blow by taking the time to celebrate your victories, no matter how small. It doesn’t have to be landing some giant once in a lifetime deal, it could be the fact that someone expresses extra interest in what you’re doing, the first sale of a product, or knowing that your hustle has now inspired someone else to find their hustle.


Put yourself out there, don’t sweat rejection, say no when necessary, and celebrate your wins. Go get your hustle on.


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