Effective Ways to Lead Your Team

achievement-adult-agreement-1083623Great leaders almost always have a natural drive for building and leading an elite team. Leading elite teams takes persistence and professional development. The leader must constantly be evaluating his or herself’s performance and taking action based on regular feedback.


Below are effective ways to proactively lead your team and carry them on a path to being elite.


Create a leadership environment


Consider the caliber of the team members at all levels. See what kind of attitude of service and loyalty they have to the person on their right or left. Elite teams have leaders at all levels. Leaders carry authorities and people do what they say. Emergent leaders take charge in the absence of orders and inspire those around them.


Make the team feel safe


There is a difference between management and leadership. They have different disciplines. You cannot manage a team into combat. A team must be led and they need to feel safe in a combat situation. It is all about trust and loyalty. Trusting your leadership and team members is key to having an overwhelming sense of comfort. When everything turns upside down, you are still fighting to protect your teammates and nothing more.


Manage through adaptive change


Over time, all businesses will experience change and it is important to be adaptive in growing businesses. Great leaders know when it’s time to change, even if it means changing something drastic about your business. This can be a scary thought for team members and often things get worse before they get better.


If there is a change happening in the business there are a few key things from leadership that need to take place. First thing, you need to communicate what the change is and why the change is needed. Second, you need to make sure every single team member understands how this change will impact them and what it is that is required of them. Third, make sure the team is aware of what the leadership is doing in order to provide support and resources during this difficult period of change. Last, over communication is key to obtain feedback.


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